Welcome to A.D. Porter and Sons Funeral Home

A. D. Porter and Sons is a family owned and operated provider of high quality funeral services in Louisville, KY. We are committed to helping families honor the lives of loved ones, and have been serving our community for over 100 years. A. D. Porter and Sons is proud to be one of Metro Louisville's largest funeral & cremation providers, serving all religions and denominations, providing support, understanding and guidance with at-need and pre-need funeral services.

Our Guiding Principals:

  • That all shall be provided with a respectable funeral regardless of their means.
  • That people of all faiths shall be served.
  • That all staff members be courteous, dignified, and considerate.
  • That all prices shall be shown in plain figures, and that every family be given an unrestrained freedom of choices.
  • That we constantly adhere to professional ethics and a code of unselfish service to our clients.